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Forthcoming: Sophie has just finished making a series of 80 paper cuts for a new book by Marina Warner. Inventory of a Life Mislaid comes out in March with Harper Collins.

Out now with Henningham Family Press, and available to buy here:
60 Lovers to Make and Do

A blog post about writing the book and the thinking and inspiration behind the poems is here: Poetry Teapot and the 60 Lovers

The Practical Visionary
with Chris McCabe. A collaborative book responding to William Blake and his London. Published by Hercules Editions.

Your Candle Accompanies The Sun
Artists’ book of collages re Emily Dickinson, made in collaboration with Henningham Family Press. Read about the process on Sophie’s blog.

Velkom to Inklandt
Sophie’s seekventz of 30 sound poems transcribed phonetically in ghost collaboration viz her late Grent Muzzer. Out now with Short Books
Reviewed here: Kate Kellaway in The Observer

book themed on migration, featuring poems by Karen McCarthy Woolf and story-drawings collected live by Sophie, whilst in residence at the RE:THINK space at The National Maritime Museum.
A review by BIDISHA for BBC Arts, here

The Listening Forest Exhibition

The New Venice Haggadah

poetry comic collaboration with Chris McCabe in new book Over The Line from sidekick books

Disaster handkerchief poem featured in The New Concrete

Sophie helped Redstone Press to launch
Louisa Buck’s write up of the launch at GRAD gallery, here

Sophie has illustrated five collections of myth and fairy tale, and has worked on many other books.
review links below.

more about Tales Told in Tents“:

more about Amazons, Women warriors of the World”:

more about Rama and Sita, path of Flames”:

Hurricane Butter

a very touching and expressive book
Marina Warner

Funny, witty, deep, moving, gentle, touching, beguiling, strong!
Steve Braund, director, Atlantic Press

Ghost Hotel a spirit collaboration with Anna Akhmotova, Elizabeth Bishop, Rosemary Tonks.

email Sophie here or if you’d like to buy a book or print, or arrange a studio visit.

Hurricane Butter, original screen print edition, 2012

Ghost Hotel one colour risograph

I, Rigoberta Menchu book jacket for Verso, 1990

Lino cut covers for Brothers Grimm, for show at European Commission, 2008

from Wonder Tales, Six Stories of Enchantment, ed. Marina Warner, 1994

Marquise at her Toilette, from Wonder Tales six stories of Enchantment, ed. Marina Warner, 1994

Tales Told in Tents stories from Central Asia, by Sally Pomme Clayton, 2004

Amazons, Women Warriors of the World by Sally Pomme Clayton 2008

Rama and Sita, Path of Flames, by Sally Pomme Clayton 2010

cover for Obabakoak, a Basque novel, by Bernardo Oxaca, 1992

Script Girls, cover, by Lizzie Frankie, BFI 1994

Viramma, life of an untouchable, Verso 1997 ed. Josiane and Jean Luc Racine, Verso 1997

Cambridge Literary Review with Chris McCabe

toadstools, from The Listening Forest

Every Day God presides over Hideous Conflict and Unfolding Joy screen print, 2012

Advice Slip back cover poem, Hurricane Butter, 2012

Disaster screen printed poem on handkerchief

Pie Days limited edition book, from residency in Margate, 2011

dummy page: W, for ABC book with Chris McCabe

Pea Mother screen print, 2013

Red Riding Hood Still Visits the Forest From Time to Time screen print, 2013