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Fellow poet Jo Bell and myself were commissioned by Poet in The City and the Steer Group to write new poetry in response to this bustling area of central London, as part of a plan to way mark this place that is home to so many people, institutions and developments. St Mary's Hospital, (where penicillin was discovered) Paddington Station, the confluence of The Regents and the Grand Union Canals at Paddington Basin, and all the other roads west... Our words were then melded and etched into brand new street furniture, now installed, and hopefully slowing and smoothing the journeys of the crowds passing through. This work was commissioned in 2019, but underwent a long pandemic related delay before it reached fruition.

See Paddington is a narrative trail between South Wharf Road and Bishop’s Bridge. It incorporates pattern, imagery and stories drawn from Paddington’s heritage, culture, people and nature.

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