Heroes & Heroines - Fairytale Confessional

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

All Day

Crick Crack Club

Heroes & Heroines - Fairytale Confessional

Do all heroines carry swords?

Who would stitch clothes out of nettles in silence?

Are you ever scared of the dark?

And does the hero really have a thousand faces?

Join artist and favourite Crick Crack Club collaborator, Sophie Herxheimer, for a one-to-one confessional, where you spill the beans about your real life heroes and heroines, favourite heroic fairytale moments, and times when you took someone by the hand and embarked on an impossible journey. She will listen and draw a poetic synthesis of what you tell her - transforming your words and imaginings into a glorious ink and brush drawing, before your very eyes!Together we'll create a gallery, drawn from many voices, about what it is to have a hero, be a hero or to go without one. And we'll post you a copy of your story drawing for you to treasure forever after.

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