Miracles with Sophie Herxheimer

Story Collecting

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

All Day


Miracles with Sophie Herxheimer

Something spectacular is coming, and we’d love to tell your stories…

Artist and poet Sophie Herxheimer is working on a beautiful Chanukah installation for us, and to help her out - we want you to tell her your own miraculous stories. It’s a chance to see your own words made into a beautiful piece of art, and of course, you’ll get your very own copy too.

All you need to do is pop along to a zoom chat, and tell Sophie your stories of latke disasters, miracle donuts, family fun, fiascos and the ways you do or don’t remember them.

Our theme for these stories is A Great Miracle Happened Here, and you are welcome to ignore that, and tell Sophie about a minor miracle or something spectacular.

Was it when your child smiled at you and volunteered to do the washing up?

Or was it the incredible news that you were expecting a child in the first place?

Sophie will be ready with her ink and paintbrushes, to listen to you from her kitchen table.

So get your coffee and donut, and get ready to spill a few beans.

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