Normal? | Drawing Power with Sophie Herxheimer

Story Collecting

Friday, October 2, 2020

10:00 - 16:30

Folkestone Fringe (online)

Normal? | Drawing Power with Sophie Herxheimer

Where do you keep your power?

Is it in your magic running shoes, that take you round the park at dawn?

Is it in knowing that you have a couple of good friends?

Is it in the amazing soup you made for your child when they were sad last week?

Sometimes we feel powerful for a reason, and sometimes it’s hard to say why. Then there are so many times we might feel completely powerless, maybe when life seems extra lonely or difficult and you are in the middle of lockdown number three!

Have you got a particular story of a time when you rose to the occasion and felt powerful? Or of when you had a powerful idea and it worked? Or perhaps it didn’t work!? Artist and poet Sophie Herxheimer will listen to your personal power struggles, triumphs, and tales, and draw them for you live in ink, over zoom, in your own personal 20-minute session.

Sophie will use her magic inky drawing power to get something surprising and powerful down on paper for you and about you. Later you will be sent a same size print of your own drawing to keep.

No need to prepare something to say, it’s fun to have the conversation, and see what pictures and words appear...

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