Cambridge Literary Review 8/9


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Cambridge Literary Review 8/9


This special double issue honours children’s literature, with poetry by Tim Atkins, Joshua Beckman, Andrea Brady and Ayla Ffytche, Ian Brinton, Hannah Brooks-Motl, Vahni Capildeo, Patrick Coyle, Michael Farrell, Peter Gizzi, Edmund Hardy, Sophie Herxheimer, Bernadette Mayer, Chris McCabe, Sophie Seita, and Uljana Woolf; a ‘choose your own adventure’ story by Rosie Šnajdr; and essays by Clementine Beauvais, Nicholas B. Clark, Margaret R. Higonnet, Carrie Hintz, Robert Kiely, Lisa Jarnot, Toby Mitchell, Eve Tandoi, Greg Thomas, and Ross Wolfe. It also reprints Walter Benjamin’s essay ‘Berlin Toy Tour II’, translated by Jonathan Lutes, and El Lissitzky’s ‘A Supremacist Tale About Two Squares’—colourful socialist propaganda for children.

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