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an isolated queen woke up
I Try to conceal my tender gifts
Here we go
This is a tremendous screaming opportunity
the humble noble apple
we went to the country
Are you gilt furniture in the slanting sunlight?
poetry can be produced in a dark cupboard
The old woman had a cocky air
the dead man sat alone in the library
mother is very proud of her large stone intellect
Another jerk dictates the gin-sodden gabble of the town
I don't want to go into the details
hearing the devil
A gondola rowed by a lone ghost
after sundown
In times like these, perform the can-can
another nicely behaved snake
a solid-hearted lettuce has a trifling mind
call a spade an immense chandelier children
self-consciously picturesque
I should like to show you
Tired of working in the kitchen?
gentian-spangled sugar and shaky experience
Start by using a crumpled paper towel
Br-r-r-r, it's cold outside-
He laid his damp palm on the frozen face of nature
What's the idea this time?
The young grey squirrel
The problem of the day-by-day fondue hostess
I would like to thank Van Gogh for the tap on the nut
I used to go and comb the mountains
place a tea wagon at one end of the earth
remember a pleasant materialistic painter.
trouble with false hearted lovers
refine your picture-gallery
There's nothing like four rather vain attics
sleep off the brandy, speak the truth
cut up potatoes for soup
in the dooming times of retreat
you are in an orchard, Some time after midnight
fly over the lawn at dusk.
the close-packed clouds play the guitar
run, jump, you are approaching a divinity.
across the city for a day and a night
A hat should give you a feeling
my money has a firm handshake
be shy of the coffee
If you have a big fat turkey cock
in a world
Blend the entire sky with feelings of anger and sadness
I'm thinking of the man
Pretend you lived before
You will need a watery sun.
no actual tabletop cooking is involved
cold and cruel newspaper reports
smooth and important
deeply constant are the feelings In the little cup
you ask me why I'm depressed!
Why not Make a large, flat, decorative wall map?
dreaming of the golden days darling.
From off your table take the right sort of books
the mist-enveloped landscape
good luck London
look Think of a number
For Heaven's Sake
make an experiment
make one little pile of haunting sadness
how was one to get used to SCHOOL?
women should never wear chopped ham or blotted paper
the King of their city was a ghool;
Let us construct a typical London at noon
long-dead She rose
artists all over the world
You have turmoils
families with low incomes are buying
 a sensible girl witnessing the integration of the bride
black stone, NOTES black gloves