Arnold Circus Centenary Cookbook





Home Live Art


This is a deceptive book. You might think it is just a cookbook. But don't take it at its face value. For though its pages are indeed full of recipes, as you leaf through them you'll realise quickly there is more to it than that.

This is in fact a cookbook of memories. It comes from people who were asked to provide not any recipe, but something that had a particular significance for them. Maybe it was a certain dish that reminded them of a time in their lives or of a person (mothers feature quite a lot) or an event.

The friends of Arnold Circus have teamed with home live art to gather these stories and shape them into a book. We present it as a reflection of life now around Arnold Circus. In keeping with the spirit of the area, it is a picture of change and work in progress. Add your own recipe in the back. Pass the book on. Keep the story going and see how we can make a meal out of our own lives. - Naseem Khan


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