The Listening Forest



Sophie Herxheimer


Henningham Family Press


Published as the culmination of a residency held by Sophie Herxheimer with Fermynwoods Contemporary Art in the East Midlands.

Sophie as an inner-city Londoner was intrigued to swap her familiar streets for a remote cottage in an ancient woodland. Getting lost in tracts of forest in and around the town of Corby inspired a new sequence of poems as well as many drawings and collages. A selection of these appear alongside the bulk of the book’s content: stories collected and drawn live in ink, from members of the public in the area, about the ways we humans relate to nature and the woods.

"Herxheimer is a prolific, multi-disciplinary artist whose poetry if fiercely energetic, erudite and punchy. Her work combines a lush, apparently boundless artistic style with a gentleness and generosity."
- Bidisha, BBC Arts Online

"The sumptuous language and narrative angles make the world of Herxheimer’s poems sparkle."
- David Caddy, Tears In The Fence


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