The Practical Visionary



Sophie Herxheimer & Chris McCabe


Hercules Editions


The Practical Visionary is a collaged dialogue between Sophie Herxheimer and Chris McCabe and their luminary inspiration, William Blake. The project was begun by exchanging imaginary letters between Blake and the Citizens of London, and evolved through photographing timeless and fleeting details on Lambeth streets, to create 21st-century visions parallel to Blake’s mythology. These images are spliced together and expanded with glimpses of borrowed words and pages from a giant bible and a tiny nonconformist self-help book salvaged from a junk  shop.

In Herxheimer and McCabe’s creative response to the work of this country’s most imaginative artist/poet, The Practical Visionary moves freely between Blake's world and ours, demonstrating why his voice is a powerful and necessary as ever.


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