The Museum of Liverpool


Liverpool, UK


February 2018


March 2018


With the funding announcement today the project aims to carefully remove and conserve the historic tiles from the shop’s façade and recreate it within Museum of Liverpool, protecting it for future generations. We are also looking to use this great opportunity to work with Liverpool’s Jewish community, unlocking memories of Galkoff’s and build up a better picture of the city’s Jewish history.

'I was invited by project curators, Poppy Learman and Liz Stewart, to come and collect stories from people in Liverpool who had lived or worked around the changing area of Pembroke Place, in Liverpool 3. On the trail of an iconic former kosher butcher's shop, we went and met the elders of the Jewish community at their Luncheon Club, as well as the younger generation who we met and worked with at the Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade at King David School. I loved my visits to this city. The light glancing off the docks and buildings as well as the interesting and beautifully recounted stories, made this a residency full of energy and revelation. The final installation of the restored facade of Galkoff's in the museum, and the wall of inky stories (visible from the pavement outside!) has echoes of the city's grandeur, and remains on permanent display in the People's Republic Gallery of the museum.'

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